Excellent design, and innovative line of menswear brands in recent years, which is one of the RIO RICCI forward-shirts, which is one of the leading companies in the textile sector of the group KARAHAN quality, manufacturing, power and manufactured with 20 years experience.

Group factory is equipped with the latest technology, high-capacity KARAHAN day with patterned fabrics that reflect the highest quality and elite models RIO RICCI meet.

RIO perfect harmony of classical and modern RICCI brand new collections each season are shown.

Today RIO RICCI collections are sold at home and abroad.

RIO RICCI, creating differences, the difference between persistence and being an indispensable brand, will continue to maintain.

Our philosophy drive the productivity, customer-specific designs are unique, effective and regular controlls every stage of the production process,

Our mission is timely and accurate product DELIVERY, innovative and research staff,

Our Vision: To be a world-class brand of reference,

Values​​, quality, integrity, reliability, responsibility, creativity, and our customers.


Rio Ricci Bosphorus Star Lacanda Nero Se-Ka Tekstil